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63rd Annual Conference of ISHBT
(Haematocon 2022).

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We have been conducting a national haematology quiz during the annual conference.

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Message from Organizing Chairperson

Dear Members and Friends,

Haematology and haemato-oncology has witnessed profound advances which serve as a paradigm for the translation of knowledge from bench to the clinics and beyond.

Our understanding of these disorders and their respective standards of care have progressed rapidly over the years. Inspite of significant rise of cost of diagnostic tools and new molecules, currently most patients can avail such facilities in our country through the support of various welfare schemes.

The recognization of Hematology as an independent discipline and establishment of new Haematology Departments in addition to D.M / DNB Courses all across the country are effective measure for the benefit of haemato-oncological patients, who cumulatively amount for the maximum disease bulk in our country. ISHBT is committed to continue its sincere efforts in realizing the above goals and promoting the development of haemato-oncology across the country.

Eastern Hematology Group (EHG), the only zonal organization of Hematologists and Hemato-oncologists of the country, stands tall with a history of monumental achievements since its inception. EHG is committed to support ISHBT in fulfilling its objectives.

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Highlights of Haematocon 2022

State of the art hematology workshop
Pre-Conference CME
Conference powered with plenary lectures and keynote talks by Internationally renowned stalwarts in hematology
ISHBT - EHA Symposium
ISHBT – ASH symposium
Meet the professor session for one-on-one guidance on clinical conundrums
Case based learning sessions
Oral & Poster Presentation
National Haematology Quiz
State of the art virtual meeting experience